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"Being an entrepreneur allows for constant self-growth and evolution"

Kassandra Kernisan is a certified Naturopath, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor. She is the founder of Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness and I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her recently. Here are some of the burning questions I had for this Montreal-based entrepreneur!

Why is Kemetic Yoga* important to you?

Kemetic Yoga is important to me for several reasons. On a personal level, the study and the practice of Kemetic Yoga has helped me to better understand myself and has helped me to connect all my life experiences into a clear purpose. Kemetic Yoga has healed me not just on a physical level, but has allowed me to let go of many emotional and mental blocks that were holding me back. I feel like I have been able to gain more clarity. I’m able to flow with life more. I trust and follow my intuition more and I manifest things in my life more quickly.

On a collective level, Kemetic Yoga is important because it offers the keys to unlock the truth of who we are, not what society has defined and labelled us to be. Connecting to ancient wisdom, remembering who we are and actually connecting to divine energies within us is transformative on all levels and the more people access and apply this knowledge, the more peaceful our world will become. We are living in a time where everything is shifting for the better. People are waking up and becoming more conscious. The practice of Kemetic Yoga will help us elevate, connect to our divinity and connect to each other. This practice is healing the world. It is essential.

How do you combine your different passions/business endeavors? Care to share your best practices?

My passions are all linked to holistic health and self-development, so combining them is not really a challenge. I am a Naturopath and Holistic Health Coach; I have a self-created line of 100% natural skin care using herb-infused oils and a healing herb tea line; And I’m a certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor. Each complements the other. What I find challenging is that sometimes getting caught up in the business aspect of things can take me away from the connection of it all. When I look at everything I do from a business perspective, my mind naturally separates everything, but when I look at what I do from the perspective that all is a reflection and expression of me, everything connects.

Being a « woman of diversity » do you feel treated differently when it comes to business/entrepreneurship services? 

Yes, definitely. I can’t say that it has held me back, but it definitely presents itself as an obstacle at times. We live in a society where people are judged and placed in boxes according to gender, race, age, background, etc. Being a young, black, attractive woman who is petite and soft-spoken and looks 10 years younger than her age has definitely made people raise their eyebrows and doubt my abilities. I do have to work harder to get people’s respect. However, not fitting into the mold of what society deems as successful and intelligent is an opportunity to enlighten people and open their eyes to the fact that success comes in different packages. Young black women are intelligent, creative, hard-working, ambitious and we have so much to offer. I really see things changing rapidly as black women are at the forefront of creating our own enterprises. It is not as shocking to see young black woman achieving big things. I’m happy and honoured to be part of this change. Our daughters and grand-daughters will have an easier time because of everything we are doing today. Having the courage to follow our dreams is not just about our own freedom, it represents freedom for us as a collective and more opportunities for the coming generations.

Who inspires you the most?

I get inspiration from so many different sources. I can’t say that there is one source that inspires me the most. I get inspired by my students daily. I get inspired by the amazing instructors and healers that surround me daily. I get so much inspiration from children. They have so much wisdom to share and they are full of love and openness.

My parents are an inspiration. Although, they are more traditional in their views, they were the ones to teach me that I was capable of anything and they really made me understand the importance of hard work and discipline in anything I do.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself since starting your business?

I’ve learned that I am good at many different things. I am very resourceful. When starting a project, especially when you don’t have much money to get started, you have to be creative. You have to do a lot of things on your own and it’s very empowering. I’ve learned that I can make things happen with a clear vision, faith, hard work and dedication.    

What do you hate more about being an entrepreneur? And what do you love the most? 

Hate is a strong word – but there are definitely things I like less about being an entrepreneur. It can get lonely and discouraging at times. The financial challenges in the beginning can also be very stressful. Most entrepreneurs have to sacrifice time, money and some of the good things in life for a little while in order to build their dream.

What I love about being an entrepreneur is that everyday I am surrounded by inspiring people I love. I get to come to a magical space where my energy is lifted immediately. I get to practice and share what I love most of the time. And I am free to express myself and design my life the way I want. Being an entrepreneur also allows for constant self-growth and evolution.


*KEMETIC YOGA is the Ancient African system of breath, movement and meditation practiced to achieve union with one’s higher self. Through the practice of Kemetic Yoga, one can achieve many physical benefits, but the deeper purpose of the practice is to connect to your true self, achieve balance, and elevate your vibration. We learn about how our ancestors purified and balanced mind, body and soul to more closely reflect the divine. We take a journey towards self-healing, growth, transformation and self-actualization through this ancient practice.

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